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How We Recruit

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In simple terms, we know the business, we know the people and we know all of the “tricks of the trade.” Against this backdrop and with the appreciation that ultimately it is our people, who through their behaviour determine the measure of our success, that Duncan Security recognises the need to employ a most stringent RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION procedure.

As a labour intensive operation it simply makes good business sense to actively seek out the most competent and responsible personnel. The foundation of our employment program is a strategy of ongoing recruitment. It is no secret that all security companies draw their personnel from the same pool of candidates. At Duncan Security we have opted for an alternative approach – we make a point of identifying suitable employment candidates in their working environments.

In other words we run an ongoing campaign to recruit security officers who are currently employed and who we have identified as displaying the qualities that we regard as key employment criteria.

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This includes criteria such as appearance, physical presence, verbal communication skills, attitude etc. We find that these attributes are in most cases a better indicator of the individual’s actual ability than is his “formal” training. In fact we place very little value in PSIRA Grades.

If nothing else our practical experience in the private security industry has taught us that there is no way that a one week training course is sufficient to equip a security officer with the skills he will require to carry out his duties to the standards we demand.

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Who We Recruit

It goes without saying of course that our selection process ensures compliance with all relative legislation, our approach however we believe is more realistic than the industry norm.

Give us a man with the right set of physical, psychological and personal attributes, and we will give him the support, the skills and the confidence that will enable him to carry out his duties in a manner that consistently exceeds client’s expectations.


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