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Professional Security Service Levels:

Armed Guards

Continuous Training of all our guards. eleifend option congue

More than just an indication of how successful our training programs are, the ongoing evaluation of individual performance is the veritable keystone of our SERVICE DELIVERY STRATEGY.

UN Armed Guards

If nothing else our practical experience in the private security industry has taught us that there is no way that a one week training course is sufficient to equip a security officer with the skills he will require to carry out his duties to the standards we demand.

Guard and Dog

We deliver on our agreements. Give us a call for a free conssultation.

At Duncan Security we are committed to the TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT of employees on an accelerated basis through an effective training and a skills transfer program.

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We Provide Security

Our service delivery strategy is clear-cut. We enter into a service level agreement (SLA) with our clients. This agreement describes in detail the duties of each security officer as well as the service delivery expectation of the client. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis we assess whether we are “Not Achieving”, “Achieving” or “Exceeding” client expectations. Your company or premises require security as per the needs of your environment. Give us a call to set up an appointment.

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